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Studying abroad is now Eazy.

Attend our webinar for everything you need to know about studying abroad.


Presented by Saatvik Nagpal,
Head of International Admissions at EazyGrad

Saatvik is the Head of International Admissions at EazyGrad and has helped hundreds of students fulfill their study abroad aspirations.

Having studied in the UK as an international student himself, he gets why accurate information goes a long way in making the entire process less daunting and far more memorable. So, from choosing what, when, and where to study, to calming those last-minute nerves, he’s got you!

How this webinar will make studying abroad Eazy?

The three C’s

For starters, learn how to narrow down between the ideal country, course and college for you.


Let’s talk money! From student loans to scholarships, finances play a huge role when it comes to studying abroad as an international student.

Allied services

Visa Processing, booking flights, finding accommodation and part-time jobs, it’s a long list.

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